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explosion in downtown spring springfield, massachusetts. the blast reportedly felt miles await a minute plus, line cutters beware shoppers pull off punches and even weapons for their quest for black friday deals. stampede started earlier than ever. shoppers had to cross picket lines at some wal-mart stores. >> we are here to stand with the workers. >> their voices are always heard. >> and some shops could use a few more customers after super storm sandy. >> it was easy. here it was empty. it's empty. >> jon: the struggle to bounce back. >> god heard my prayers. >> the baby who came back from the dead. but first we begin with breaking news, a leveling buildings in springfield, massachusetts. fox 25 out of boston. officials say there was a gas leak in the area. witnesses reported windows shattering, brings flies, even a mushroom cloud rising above the epicenter of the explosion. folks say they felt and heard the boom from miles away. abulbasher of in people had significant injuries. we are told several buildings were damaged including a scores gentlemen's club right at the center of the blast.
overnight. ,95 northbound and southbound are in the process of picking that up. bad.not too in springfield, hov lanes are open. from dale city to springfield. 395, 14th street bridge, lanes are open. is open in springfield as well. back to you. >> thank you. begin with good news for new yorkers trying to recover from sandy. the electric company is scheduled to restore power to manhattan by saturday if. >> mayor bloomberg announced water and meals will be distributed tyndareus around the city. tahman bradley has more on the efforts in new york city and new jersey. >> and the may be gone, but frustration is growing. >> we are going to freeze. >> this manhattan neighborhood, recovery continuing at a slow pace. president forgotten.have been >> they have no value. they see other areas are being taken care of and they overlooked us. hundreds showed up to local churches and aid organizations for food. very needed right now. it was another night of the cold for s.i.. thousands of still without .ower, many homeless michael and his family among gumbel. -- among them. >> mine young becerra, daddy, i
read. it still looks pretty good. you want to watch out for that. in springfield we see >> -- we see traffic moving smoothly. all of the road work is picked up. a friend everything open on the stretch of the beltway in montgomery county in silver spring. roadwork being up, right now most of it is on the way out. >> thank you some much. our top story texas to prince george's county with investigation texas to a shooting that happened in riverdale. >> on 63rd avenue, a man inside the house pointed a gun at him. the deputy shot and killed a man. jay korff has more. >> police say wednesday night a prince george's county sheriff's deputy tried to serve a temporary peace order at the home along the 6300 block of 63rd ave. a woman led to the deputy into the home. things quickly turn from their perry >> while talking to the female subject, a male subject appear from the rear of the home displaying a firearm. the deputy discharged his weapon striking the subject. >> the deputy was not hurt. the man with the gun was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> neighbors they have never witnessed this l
to springfield. a tour of the traffic was closed overnight for construction. it will gradually start to open during the course of this hour. it really looking good right now. fortunately, no accidents or incidents. >> we continue to follow the relief efforts in the aftermath of sandy. the death toll continues to grow. the storm being blamed for at least 90 deaths, including two young boys who were swept away in new york. >> the total economic damage has run as high as $50 billion. >> the death toll continues to rise in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. search teams found the bodies of two little boys who were torn from their mothers' arms in staten island when the storm hit. entire working class neighborhoods destroyed in some parts of new york. some feel they have been forgotten. >> we are going to die. we are going to freeze. >> fema is doing everything it can to help. >> we want to help get things back to normal as quickly as possible. schools open, stores open. >> in new jersey, emergency crews are going door-to-door searching for survivors where families have been surrounded by floodwat
to steve hershorn for the commute. >> we start with 66 eastbound towards the roosevelt bridge, springfield, looks pretty good right now towards the springfield interchange. here is 66 at the roosevelt bridge. inside the beltway and outside starting off well with. no with the beltway at new hampshire avenue, waiting for delays to build on this friday, but we are in good shape so far. outer loop between college park and silver spring, moving very smoothly. you should find everything open. now to the springfield interchange. northbound 95 from dale city to springfield, a little heavier now in all lanes but no incidents. 395 still good for all the way through to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 5:13. get ready for delays on metro this weekend. >> orange line trains will not run between foggy bottom and courthouse. trains will not run between foggy bottom and pentagon. that 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. shuttle buses will be available. -- blue line trains will not run between foggy bottom and pentagon. and there will be no work on the yellow or the green line's this w
shape as we head over to the springfield interchange. heavier traffic and yesterday with the holiday. a little heavy and slow going in the hov lanes. steady up till the springfield interchange. back to you. >> thank you. comingsts just keep on the david sex scandal. top military official under investigation. >> they are looking into e-mails that john allen woman that triggered investigation. >> a lot to sort out. general john allen, the united states commander in afghanistan is now being linked to this ended davidn that career with the cia. >> general john allen the top united states commander in now undern is investigation for allegedly sending in a corporate e-mails the woman who triggered the .esignation of david latest twist in this now scandal after spending of paula, theome who david had an affair with. left this morning with d computer. to abc news, the search comes up to the fbi thousands of e-mails and paula d. telling the affair. >> am sure both of them look transpiredt has now realize they have both made biggest mistakes of their lives. >> is not investigation that now was
on traffic. >> thank you. a traffic moving pretty well. 395 and from springfield into the district. as a matter with your alexandria and arlington across the bridge, no early incidents. we look pretty good all the way up through 95 in the main lanes. and the express lanes. a problem in prince william county, an accident and earlier this hour closing the southbound prince william parkway at wellington road. the other direction is open. watch for the southbound closure. and over to springfield up to springfield, it looks pretty good. traffic on your left good and the hov lanes good. back to you. >> thank you. we will begin with the scandal involving david petraeus. president obama expected to make his first comments on the scandal, destroying an afternoon news conference at the white house. >> this comes as conference demands the full investigation. brianne carter with the latest. >> the president expected to make an address or around 1:a 30 this afternoon. but will be the first time we will hear him address this issue. here on capitol hill, members of the cia and fbi expected to be
'm surae chinn in springfield, virginia, where now a ninth case has been link to the serial groper in fairfax county. nearby residents are on high alert after the latest attack on hibbling avenue near dunwoody street in springfield. >> i'm going to walk home in a few minutes and i'm a little scared now. >> reporter: the 42-year-old victim was disturbed by the incident but delayed telling anyone because she didn't know the process of reporting a crime. >> she was talking to a friend. the friend urged her that the time to call police. were a woman who doesn't want to be identified said her mother is one of the nine victims attacked back in september also on hibbling avenue. >> scared, yes. >> reporter: she was scared? >> yes. >> reporter: she said the man grabbed her mother's breast. she screamed and struggled to get free. all nine cases have been in the springfield franconia area of fairfax county. this latest incident was one of two cases that happened on the same day within half an hour of each other and blocks apart. in springfield, virginia, surae chinn, 9 news now. >>> still
taking him to springfield and how this project was born. >> he wanted to do lincoln for many years but wanted to wait until he was ready. i met him way back in 1989 on a documentary he was doing on the mill len yum and he had any shake hands about doing lincoln. as relaxation, he would say, what did lincoln do today. i would tell him, what he did, 1864, 1840. he decided he didn't want to wait for the book. he bought it and that meant he had it ready in his hands and put tony kushner on it and he always wanted daniel day-lewis. >> before we get to him, what is it about lincoln he wanted to share with a broader u. younger, new generation. >> he wanted to make lincoln a person you could identify with intimately. he chose a short story rather than a big fat thing to show his humor, sadness, conviction, political skills and he wanted to show that a politician can be a great guy at a time where we're cynical about politics. >> and politics is letting us down so much. daniel day-lewis. >> unbelievable character. i got to meet him and it hadn't been announced yet so they asked me to take h
. american legion bridge moving nicely right now. no problems there. we will look at springfield and see a lighter than normal volume northbound northbound. h.o.v.'s open to all because of the holiday. metrorail saturday service, reduced service on metro bus and no v.r.e. or marc rail. >> it is 5:03 and the scandal continues to involve former c.i.a. doctor david patraeus. a lot of questions surrounding his sudden resignation. a family friend is also involved in the investigation that led to the revelation. we have a report from capitol hill. lawmakers demanding answers. >> new information about human of this came to light but still a lot of questions coming here from members of capitol hill who say they want to know why they didn't know more sooner. new information and questions this morning surrounding the resignation of david patraeus. patraeus was the c.i.a. director and resigned after saying he had an affair reportedly with his biographer paula broadwell. new information shows the f.b.i. had been looking into broadwell for allegedly sending threatening e-mails to a fam
springfield. >> we are getting breaking news from mexico. >> a magnitude 5.9 earthquake has hit mexico after 4:20 this morning. this is the area that it happened in. guerrero mexico, 100 miles away from mexico city. a reporter service that he could feel trembling in mexico city. the capital city is kind of far away from where this happened. we know there are millions of people living in the metropolitan area. we are assuming more living where this happened. we are still waiting some reports on whether there was damage or injuries. this stretch of mexico is a couple of hours behind us. most people could be still asleep. it hit 30 minutes ago. we are staying on top of this story. >> it is 5:04. and it's had to prince george's county where we are waiting to hear the names involved in a deputy shooting. >> he was trying to deliver a piece order at the home when john gonzales near the scene. >> the deputy arrived near the riverdale neighborhood at 7:30 in the evening. the woman who lived behind here witnessed the sun's death. >> the sometimes dangerous task of prove to be just thatriverdale. one o
on traffic and weather with steve. >> 395 at duke street, looks very good. springfield towards the 14th street bridge, lanes are open. toing well all the way up streetoss the 14th bridge. problemsdistrict, no the third street tunnel. no. montgomery county, 270 near 109, no delays, volume towards the scales, still looks pretty good. divide, still a right. utility work in georgetown at street andection canal road and the key bridge, georgetown, you will see the road work on the right turn on affecting your to the key bridge. we will let you know when that gets cleared away. back to you. >> thank you. first, the search continues for the-month-old girl at center of an amber alert in virginia. a dealer to issued thursday after alexis carlyle halifax county in southern virginia. the think she could be in morning withs these two people. eric black and decker for carlyle. investigators have not released the suspects know the toddler. jennifer carlisle. they may be driving in a brown nissan station wagon with the virginia license plate. if you know anything, call police. capitol hill, that's whe
'm surae chinn in springfield, virginia, where now a ninth case has been linked to the serial groper in fairfax county. nearby residents are on high alert after the latest attack on hibbling avenue near dunwoody street in springfield. >> i'm going to walk home in a few minutes and i'm a little scared now. >> reporter: the 42-year-old victim was disturbed by the incident but delayed telling anyone because she didn't know the process of reporting a crime. >> she was talking to a friend and the friend urged her at that time to call police. >> reporter: a woman who doesn't want to be identified said her mother is one of the nine victims attacked back in september also on hibbling avenue. >> i'm scared, yes. >> reporter: she was scared? >> yes. >> reporter: she said the man grabbed her mother's breast. she screamed and struggled to get free. bottom line is that police want to catch this man before it escalates into more cases. in springfield, virginia surae chinn, 9news. >>> straight ahead on 9news hawks fans are celebrating a bit and we could soon have a 51st state and in a minute or
hampshire. no problems on the outer loop. in good shape around town. looking pretty good at springfield. hov lanes are open northbound on 395 and 95, moving smoothly. 395 to the 14th street bridge as well. in georgetown, there's roadwork at m street and canal road. at the key road. that's right where you turn to get on to the key bridge to head over to virginia, so watch for that. >> virginia state police issued an amber alert for an 18-month- old girl taken from southern virginia. police released this picture of alexis carlisle, abducted on thursday afternoon in halifax county. they believe she is with eric blackl and jennifer carlyle and headed to the d.c. area. they have not released details on the suspects, but it's a brown 1985 nissan station wagon with virginia license plate that they may be traveling in. if you know anything, call police. >> a deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya will take center stage again today on capitol hill. former cia director david petraeus will tell them what he knows about the september attacks in benghazi that killed four americans including u.s. am
to springfield where it bunches up again trying to exit to the beltway. so watch out for that accident northbound 95 after route 610. back to the maps this time a look at the southbound side of i-270. no issues to report. it's just a brake lights route 109 down to 121 and then it breaks free into jermantown. i'll be back with more coming up. >>> big night last night. president obama wins re- election. the gop holds the house. the democrats fend off challenges in the senate. >> maryland voters win gay marriage and if you're just tuning in welcome to our campaign 2012 coverage. we'll take a look at the results throughout the morning. >> president obama as we said won re-election tuesday to a second term after a long and often bitter campaign. against challenger mitt romney. >> and one of the big stories around here voter tushout was huge. check out the video from dumfries, virginia. some voters waited in lines of up to four hours to cast a ballot. they were not giving up. they were in a long line and they stayed if place even after -- in place even after the polls closed last night. kristin fisher
radar , areas of green, especially fairfax county from burke springfield and across potomac, prince george's , south of bowie, just a sprinkles. also, frederick county, east of highway 15 and around winchester as well. r screen.s on the rada midday sprinkles. they will be pretty short-lived. then a few sunny breaks this afternoon, temperatures in the low 50's. a few of us, mid 50's. >> thanks so much. the following breaking news. scandal at penn state. criminal charges being filed former university spanier. graham chris van cleve is in the newsroom following the story. online court records confirm former president perjuryds accused of children inr and the jerry sandusky scandal. he was also charged with obstruction and conspiracy. two other former penn state employees also face additional charges. the athletic director tim schooland the retired y schultz have gar also had charges added. were arrested last year and charged with perjury properly report d abuse.d chil they are scheduled to stand trial in january. in august, graham spanier his innocence in an afteriew with abc news posi
into alexandria and springfield you're going to be just fine. let's go back over to the maps this time on the northbound side of i-95 in virginia. same story. still light across the occoquan river into springfield and 395. we'll go live into springfield northbound 95. again this is the exit for the beltway. no delays, no volume to worry about right now. i'll be back with more coming up at 4:55. >> thanks, monika. >>> relief from traffic chaos on the beltway in virginia begins saturday. that's when the i-495 express lanes open up. >> it could be great. we'll keep our fingers crossed. as peggy fox tells us, you're going to need one of those passes on your windshield to use them. >> reporter: you know the drive into this busy place, whether for work or play, could be a lot easier come saturday when the express lanes open up but you're going to need an ez pass. if you commute with three or more people on board, you can ride for free as long as you have a flex pass. anyone who has an ez pass or smart tag can use the new express lanes which run in both directions from springfield to the dull
of hibling avenue in springfield. anyone with information should call the fairfax county police department. department. >>> in prince george's county, police are investigating a shooting that killed a man in hillcrest heights. this happened on 23rd parkway around 9:00 last responding to report of gunshots when they found man lying in the street suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he died on the way to the hospital and the victim has not been identified. no word on a suspect or motive. >>> making headline this morning ring, the man behind the controversial anti-muslim film that sparked protest worldwide is sentenced to prison. -- making headlines this morning, the man behind the controversial anti-muslim film that sparked protest worldwide is sentenced to prison. >> fox 5 morning news is back with more. >>> making headlines this morning, a powerful 7.4 earthquake killed at least 48 people in guatemala yesterday. another 100 or still missing and hundreds more were injured. it toppled homes, triggered landslides and was felt 600 miles away in mexico city. about 300 police and local villa
. then up here in springfield, traffic still moving well and at the speed limit to 395 and the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more on virginia roads coming up at 5:18. andrea? >>> okay. it is 5:11. let's get some results in big ballot questions in maryland. maryland voters joined those in maine making history on the question of same sex marriage. while the issue has been passed in state legislatures, last night was the first time voters approved it. three state voters passed question 6 by a 5 #% to 48% margin. >>> the question 4 the dream about passed by a much wider margin. that means undocumented immigrants who meet certain requirements will be able to attend maryland colleges at in- state tuition rates. >>> the measure that attracted the most campaign ad money question 7 on expanded gambling. it passed by a margin of 52% to 48%. statewide that means table games will now be allowed at gaming sites in addition to slots. >>> and a new casino will be built at national harbor in prince george's county. voters in the county approved question 7 with 59% of the vote. if prince george's c
explosion in new england. they will assess damage to other bullyings in springfield, -- buildings in springfield, massachusetts. but demolitions are likely t ripped part a strip club. 18 people were injured but no one died. officials had evacuated the order after a report of a gas leak. >>> police and people clashed in egypt in cairo. with the parliament gone, the new leader can create pass and oversee new laws. >> reporter: protesters in egypt set fire to one headquarters of the muslim brotherhood and threw rocks at a another. hundreds gathered in cairo's square after nightfall. there were thousands more earlier in the day. and confrontation with riot police. the officers fired tear gas at the group injuring a few of the protesters. the violence was triggered after egypt's granted himself sweeping new powers, making him immune to oversight. a spokesperson said that theder clauges raised concern -- declarations for egypt egipans -- egyptians and the international community. he made the move thursday, a day after receiving worldwide accolades for mediating a ceasefire between hama
district. this was the blast in downtn springfield, massachusetts friday nig >>> we are learning the cause of an explosion. had this was a blast in springfield, massachusetts on friday night. it destroyed one building and left three others damaged beyond repair. the officials now say that a utility worker, responding to reports of a gas leak, accidently punctured a line. >> his examination was a distance from where old markings were on the sidewalk indicating where the gas line from the main went into the building. however, the markings were in correct. >> not certain what caused the about blast. nobody was killed but several gas workers, firefighters and police officers who hid behind a utility truck just before the blast were injured. >>> the recent combardment in gaza has had a lasting impression on children. is raily air strikes and rocket attacks lasted more than a week and left residential neighborhoods in ruins. 160 palestinians were killed. the report says young children bore the attack. >>> egypt officials say riders stormed a muslim brother building. the president is trying to re
, there was a minister of the gospel there to speak to him. he lost a child as he was living in springfield. mary, his wife, completely freaked out in her grief. but abraham had a good minister, who pulled him in and shared the word with him. he could answer lincoln's concerns and intellectual problems. and he became to come to a deep and genuine faith. >> lee: even after he came to faith, did he wrestle with one of the fundamentals of the christian faith? >> he wrestled with every fundamental of the christian faith. he was a smart man, and quite frankly at his age, christians had misbehaved and turned him off. he had to process every individual christian doctrine for himself. he did come towards a view and a belief and a sovereign god who ruled in the affairs of men. that's what leads to his great speeches, like the second inaugural address. he was not a man who just accepted other man's testimony quickly. he had to study things out and reach it on his own. >> lee: one of the antedotes i found most fascinating, you said, "he longed to go to jerusalem to walk in the savior's steps." tell us about that
from springfield to mclean has been heralded as a key project in the fight against gridlock jummy olabanji is in tysons were a celebration of sorts is under way. >> well, what is a celebration out here about i-495 express lanes, a lot of people excited for these. and a lot of those folks are very excited about the opening of these express lanes. inside are several local and state officials includingsed the crowd. behind us you see the extension for the silver line to metro. this is also part of this camera of gridlock process around the state, especially in northern virginia. this saturday is when the lanes will officially open up as mentioned. four new lands, 14 miles on the vault with from springfield to tyson's corner. the lens will allow the beltway to offer hov connections for the first time. when it is done, buses and car pools will ride these for free. and other -- in any cars with one or two passengers can pay to take them. we spoke to virginia transportation secretary and he says people will get used to paying the additional my. is says is a small amount to pay to get out
traffic traffic. hey, steve. >> we will start with a look at the springfield interchange. moving pretty well. it is veterans day today we have no h.o.v. restrictions on 95 395, 66 or the toll road. over to maryland on the beltway new hampshire avenue we have the road work left over on the left side from college park to silver spring. no delay. we have an incident on the inner loop kenilworth avenue where a trailer separated from its tractor and the activity is on the shoulder. inner loop heading south on 95 and 495 you will see it but it is not causing a delay. a report of an accident on southbound 395 at duke street two right lanes closed. that is the very early morning traffic. >> montgomery county fire department polled these pictures on twitter this morning showing a house engulfed in flames. it started in the 21000 block of we wills we willsville road. the cause is under investigation. >> new details in the sex scandalmer c.i.a. director david patraeus. a military volunteer got harassing notes biographer who happened to be his mistress and congress wants to know
it is causing no delay. 270 off to a quiet run. we will look at the springfield camera. virginia, interstate 95 approaching 395 and the beltway with no delay. >> it is 4:32 and the big story busy times for president obama and mitt romney on the eve of election did i. the president campaigning in wisconsin, iowa and ohio before heading to chicago. >> mitt romney will visit fairfax, virginia, florida and new hampshire. we have the latest on what is being called an extremely tight race. >> republican challenger mitt romney is chest being the campaign promising voters bipartisanship and real change. >> i will endeavor to find good men and women who care more about the country than about politics. >> with polls showing it a dead heat the romney campaign is focused on turnout. in this field office in ohio volunteers call a list of voters they believe lean republican while others knock on doors. >> i haven't made up my mind. >> the romney campaign believes enthusiasm among the base and strength with independents will carry them to victory but there is the reality of the map
woman was groped. this time in the springfield area. it happened on thursday afternoon in the 7200 block of commerce street. this is the 8th groping reported there in the last couple of months. the woman says she screamed when the pervert grabbed her and then he took off running. take a look at this sketch from the previous attack. the most recent victim says that this man, he does resemble the man who grabbed her. anita? >>> think your baby is adorable? who doesn't. well one guy says his daughter is down-right ugly and blames the mom. he even took her to court. this is a story that you've got to hear. >>> and this train is just a chugging along. you know what's going to happen and you know that you still want to see it. join us after the break. >>> when babies are first born, they are not always super cute. >> no, not always. but every parent thinks that their baby is still adorable, right? >> wrong. there's a guy in china that says his daughter was so ugly that he was horrified. now first the man thought that his wife had an affair, but they said no this is your kid. well then mrs. ex-
40s, alexandria, springfield along with andrews. upper marlboro is 39 and 41 in college park this morning. outside on our michael and son weather camera, good visibility. the wind chill is 37 here in town. some of the wind chills in the suburbs low to mid-30s with humidity at 53%. across the country, we have a storm system trying to throw a little moisture in the midwest, which is going out to see. we are watching this guy here coming through iowa or missouri. little bit of -- of snow. that is good, upper level energy. when you see that, you know it is coming to the coast, you know it is going to make the turn. that is going to develop into a nor'easter come wednesday night and thursday. unfortunately coastal areas will be taking age pounding from this nor'easter. it is not going to be sandy but they certainly don't need this. we are looking at clear skies today and tonight, mid-20s in the cold spot tonight, tomorrow it looks like a good deal of sunshine. now in the battleground states on election day, nevada into colorado look at that nice sunshine there. 83 vegas, 16 in den
were white anglo-saxon protestants. so when i went to get my first newspaper job in springfield, massachusetts, and people kept saying what are you, i didn't know what they were talking about. [laughter] and, but springfield was a city where people who couldn't get a job in boston, couldn't get a job in new york would come to springfield, a city of about 170,000. and everybody was either irish, italian or they were french- canadian. and it was important to them to know where you came from. i said, well, i came from senegal valley. what? [laughter] but that was an education, just being in springfield. and this country is, it's about the, it is the great meeting place of people from all over the world. and somehow they get here, and they're free. it's -- and once, well, it's a fantastic accomplishment. i started to say america's a wonderful country, but it's -- [inaudible] >> there are some, of course, they probably don't know what they're talking about, but there are some that criticize some of your books that some of the characters are one-dimensional or simplistic or play to st
to dumfries, woodbridge, springfield and on to 395 to the 14th street bridge. no issues to report at this time the beltway is good as well on the south side of town. this is springfield. this is at exit to the beltway and heading north to 395 as well. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:24. mike? >>> dc united relied on late game drama to advance to theplays. >> three nor marbles -- playoffs. >> three more nationals get hardware for their batting prowess. details in sports. >> we want the take another look at -- to take another look at our question of the morning, it is -- >> our facebook friend joshua wrote -- >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page leave your response. i think we're all going along with this guy. with joshua. we'll reveal the correct answer though during our 6:00 hour. >>> 5:21 on this friday morning. the futurecast, really not much significant weather and when you look at the temperatures they're starting in the 30s and 40s but actually i think the computer is lagging a little bit. i think may be a little bit warmer by a few degrees, back with noon 55 not 52. the air is dr
-one -- another 1 in springfield. so far, no suspect has been named. >> coming up congress up against another deadline that could cost thousands of hong numbers -- homeowners. >> this cat and kept getting the last laugh despite a resounding boss. >> two men said from a burning building. >> give an eye out for some snowflakes today. 42 degrees >> and recovering after firefighters pulled him out from a burning building. the fire broke out at a home -- they met in his 60s in serious condition. -- of the man at in his 60's in serious condition. there is no word on what caused the fire. arlington firefighters put out a fire on top of a parking garage at wilson boulevard. that was a little after 2:00 a.m. there were no injuries. via >> the scandal at penn state university the former president out on bail after an arraignment. gramm spaniard was charged with perjury and other charges. he conspired to conceal complaints against former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. >> going back to the election and a battleground virginia. tim kaine defeated geroge allen. that pulled in more outside money
at the springfield interchange. otherwise known as the mixing bowl. for those of you who've been here for a while. back to the maps this time all the way up north. southbound 270 always going to have that bit of slow traffic leaving route 109 toward 121. but coming out of frederick you're okay. and then beyond 121 into jermantown okay as well. a live look from the sky 9 on the inbound side of i-66 that's a bit of a bear. manassas into centreville. with the lanes open. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:18 or further out. >>> little further out. >> yeah. >>> and we have another look at our question of the morning -- >> hmm. one of our facebook fans wrote ed violette. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes. stick around. >>> welcome back. 6:21. howard here with your weather first on this pretty but chilly friday morning and a great day ahead. and even better weekend. here's our day planner. and it is gorgeous outside now. clear skies behind the capitol dome. still a little pink on the horizon. 55 by noon and wind northwest at about 10 and by 3:00 high rite about
was as we check some other numbers, in springfield at 42. down to the official high. 10 degrees below the average high which is 59. this cold air mass is brazilian stay in place. these are the high temperatures around the eastern part of that country. 49 here and 45 in boston. temperatures or 10 below average. 13 degrees below average there. the cooler the cold air to the stay under itsll e.fluenc the footage. all and we will have a fair amount of sunshine along with cold temperatures. saturday night and sunday, an low pressure off the coast. it still looks like that will looks like the will be far enough seehe east that we will cloudy and damp and chilly weather on sunday. and higher winds coast.he better once the system develops. the rest of the day is a minor system. clear and cold in the morning. 50.egrees closer to 49 or temperatures holding in the mid 50's. otherwise very pleasant weather the middle of november. >> a quick reminder about our app.t smartphone p calls from eu anchors. >> and now, the due toyota sports desk. by your local dealers. >> sometimes when you cover politi
think it will be worth driving them out. >> covering the stretch between springfield at tyson's corner differentdrivers the time ofnding on day. drivers will pay a dollar or two, 3-6 during peak rush hours if not more. remainring their range 45-55 miles an hour. the big question is whether they reduce beltway traffic overall. the analyst says that people typically only use those planes they need them. >> i think it really is an opportunity, the guy trying to s kids recital or the soccer practice. >> a couple dollars to breeze through? absolutely. >> he needs no convincing. >> at this point, it can only get better. >> there really want drivers to and patient when these lanes open, considering there'll be many new turns. it will take awhile to get used to. up the 2:00 saturday morning, just in time .or the holiday travel >> next up, president obama see more we will show you where we saw this destruction. >> we have the forecast after the break. >> sunday, the redskins and tried resurrect their season. who is this guy? i will tell you all about him and we will hear from him u.s.
the stage in just a minute. this is springfield, ohio. that is where we will bring that to you live as soon as it starts. >>> welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm suzanne malveaux. a rally for president obama in springfield, ohio. we'll bring that to you life as soon as it happens. the president really making his case, his final argument for why he believes you should vote for him. we are also waiting for the new york mayor michael bloomberg to address his city's recovery efforts, what is taking place there as well. i want to first go to the job numbers, however. the final unemployment report before the presidential election, well, it's out today. here's what the numbers show. the economy added 171,000 jobs last month. joining me to talk about the numbers, georgia tech economist danny. good to see you. you and i have been doing this every month. >> that's right. >> here is the final number here. when you look at these numbers, what does it say to you in terms of the stress and recovery? is it good news or is it bad news for how the administration has been handling the recession and the recov
the occoquan river. we'll take a live look outside show you what it looks like here in springfield and this is typical for this time of the morning. leaving route 644 to the beltway 395 beginning to see the brake lights as well right around duke street. back to the maps this time we're heading to the other side of town. no issues on the beltway. north of town. college park into silver spring looking good and 270 brake lights of course. let's take a live look there at route 109. and this is pretty much what it looks like as you leave frederick it's going off and on down to 121 before the pace improves, back with more at 6:25. back to you guys. >>> thank you monika. it's 6:17, it's time for another lookout the question of the mo -- look at the question of the morning -- >> our facebook friend jean says -- she's talking about the exorcist. >> keep posting, we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in about 30 minutes. >>> welcome back. 6:21. your weather first on this thursday morning, like it has been the last couple of days not too windy this morning. we've got clouds
to slow closer to the franconia springfield parkway. heavy volume head north. spotty delays continuing out towards fort belvoir. we'll update the ride from the east. along 66, no issues reported as you continue eastbound headed in towards fair oaks. heavy volume from manassas to 28. traffic slows again from other to 123. southbound 270 busy on the top stretch approaching and passing route 80. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> today is the great american smokeout. the american cancer society urges anyone who has been thinking about quitting smoking to get started today. later on this morning, montgomery county councilmember nancy florine will talk more about a bill she is backing to ban smoking on nearly all county properties. george washington university will announce a plan to make all its campuses across the district and virginia smoke- free by next fall. >>> coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. too scared to call out sick in you are not alone. take a look at this rock. it is known as the arch duke joseph diamond. it sold for about $21 millio
and vienna in fairfax county and springfield 44. outside on our michael & son weather camera, a little bit of reduced visibility. you can see it in the light right here. you see that shining on the flag? temperature at national down to 45 with light rain and drizzle but the winds north at 20 making it feel like 37 and gusting even higher than that. so we'll take the rain. we'll push it east, stopping the clock at noon. you'll notice a few lingering showers by the northern neck. the clouds are breaking away and pulling off toward the east. we're going to have sunshine to finish out your day. here's your forecast. 52 today, breezy. tonight 35 but 20s in the suburbs. chilly tomorrow but sunny and 50 and thursday 51. we head toward the weekend in decent shape but cool friday and saturday. if a coastal storm gets going, sunday and morning will be wet -- sunday and monday will be wet and raw with temperatures in the 40s. >>> yes, we do have a lot of volume right now forming on the major thoroughfares heading for the beltway and also a couple of issues you want to know about due to water main bre
your way north of the fairfax county parkway and continuing up toward the franconia springfield parkway, that is where we have reports of accident activity tying up to left side of the road. 395 is in good shape no problems to report leaving the beltway to the 14th street bridge. again with the slow crawl south of 109 headed out towards the scales. traffic looking pretty good out of germantown headed out towards the split. split. >> thank you. >>> just a few days into his re- election, president obama is facing the looming fiscal cliff. >> the deadline for a solution is january 1st if congress does not agree on fix the problem by then, bush era tax cuts will expire and automatic spending cuts will go into effect. president obama will address members of congress today. he is expected to urge them to work against party lines in order to avoid another recession. experts warn, if nothing is done, the u.s. could see catastrophic results. >> the good news is, thank god, people are living a heck of a lot longer. that is great news. but it isn't very good news for the treasury. >> at some point
in this springfield neighborhood are unnerved to learn of another assault by a is-called serial groper. i'll have that story. >>> in bethesda today, the uso celebrated the groundbreaking for a brand-new warrior and family center that will be constructed on the grounds of the walter reed national medical center. the cottage-like facility will provide space for wounded service members to meet privately with their families, even share a cooked meal together. the family center will also offer recreation and counseling services for families. this is the second such center in the washington area. the first was at fort belvoir in northern arlington. >>> tonight's "wednesday's child" calls himself a country boy, and loves all things outdoors. >> that includes animals, especially dogs. and he would like to have one of his own, but first he needs a place to call home. we're introduced to william. >> what a welcome we got from georgia, the golden retriever. >> hey, georgia, what do you think of georgia? >> she's pretty. >> 16-year-old william loves dogs. so this is a great way to be greeted, at a shop in ar
're planning to head northbound on 95, a live picture n. springfield it's so light, it's hard to believe it looks like this. to the 14th street bridge you are good to go. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are incident free. back over to the maps. we'll show what you it looks like on the other side of town. bw parkway through cheverly in good shape. no problems on the northeast side of d.c. and north side of the beltway also in good shape. we'll take a live look. at route 1 in college park, all the way around into silver spring your lanes are open. we'll end with a live look at 66. also looking good inside the beltway if you're planning to head from manassas all the way to the roosevelt bridge. this is what it looks like. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:25. >> it 16:17. coming up on 6:18. time for another look at the question of the day. 10% of americans will see this on their table on thanksgiving. is it a, cranberry sauce, b, a fruitcake, c, a restaurant bill. >> 10% is the key but i still feel weird about either any of these answers because i think it's more.
of toll lanes run between springfield and the dulles toll road. here's the promise. you'll be able to go at least 45 miles per hour even at rush hour. that is thanks to varying tolls that charge based on congestion and could cost as much as $1 a mile. you will need an ez pass to ride the lanes. the lanes actually open to one special driver today. santa will ride the lanes in a tesla roadster convertible on his way to his workshop at tyson's corner. he's everywhere. he has workshops everywhere. >>> 5:06 is our time. the white house and congressional leaders finally ready to get to work on avoiding the fiscal cliff. >>> panda experts preparing a mother and her young daughter to live in the wild. they're being moved to panda valley. once there, they'll learn to live without much contact. they'll eventually be freed into the wild. researchers hope to release more pandas into the wild to cut back on abnormalities and deaths among panda cubs. we wish them the best. it's tough. humans feeding them and socialization, and they live and they're on their on. >> you want them to do well on their own
. and this is what 95 looks like as well. dale city to springfield. we will take it. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:17. andrea and mike? >>> this morning, a simply horrible end to a parade that was supposed to honor wounded veterans in midland, texas. a parade float got stuck on train tracks, some people jumped clear before the train hit the float but four people died and 17 others were injured in this. some of the injures remain in critical condition this morning. >>> the brother of actress mia farrow has been charged with several counts of sexually abusing children. police arrested 66-year-old john charles dillard farrow in maryland. two men claimed they abused him in 1968. the bond is set at $800,000. >>> british petroleum bp hay greed to pay a -- agreed to pay a record $4.5 billion fine for the massive gulp oil spill. 11 workers died in the 2010 explosion which sent oil pouring into the gulf for almost 80 days. along the gulf coast people say they are still feeling effects. others haven't seen the tourist based businesses dry up. >>> some blood suckers may bump james bond from th
there. 95 looks pretty much like this coming up from newington to springfield. i'll also have more coming up on an accident in manassas at 6:15. mike. >> thank you, monica. >>> both presidential candidates we've seen them court hispanics in this election. it's one of the country's fastest growing demographics. in fact, latinos make up about 10% of the electorate. max is director of the for affairs which latino elected and appointed officials. thanks for joining us and getting up early on this election day. it's going to be a busy day for you. >> thanks for having me. >> we appreciate it. historically we've seen a large percentage of the latino vote goes to democrats. it looks like with the way polling is concerned it's going that way again this year. what are some of the biggest issues that affect the latino population and may sway their vote? are we talking about the economy, social concerns, immigration, something i haven't mentioned, maybe? >> we project that approximately 12.2 million latino voters will show up in these elections. so they'll make a key difference in deciding wh
into annandale and springfield. toll roads 66 are all pretty much the same this morning. nice and light. we'll take a live look outside at the american legion bridge and prove it to you. across the american legion bridge at the potomac river which is what it looks like this morning. dark but light. back over to the other side of town, southern maryland, no problems route 5, route 4, route 30 # out of brandy wine and oxon hill and accokeek. no problems across the river here as you can see all lanes are open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up 59:09. back -- 5:09. back to you guys. >>> the man suspected of setting off pipe bombs has been arrested in montana. >> officers caught 25-year-old lawrence stewart ii after a brief chase where they say stewart threw more pipe bombs at them. no one was hurt yesterday or in tuesday morning's bombing. people targeted by the bombs are stewart's ex-girlfriend and two sheriff's deputies. stewart will be brought back to virginia to face attempted murder charges. >>> a local police officer is facing murder charges now for shooting a suspect in the back a
. this debate comes to us courtesy of wshm tv and was held in springfield on october 10. a final debate was scheduled for october 30 but was canceled because of hurricane sandy. >> good evening. welcome to symphony hall for a debate between scott brown and elizabeth warren. i am honored to be the moderator tonight. we have rules this evening. our audience of more than 2600 guests have agreed to be silent. no interruptions or applause. each candidate has a minute and 30 seconds to answer each question, and 30 seconds for rebuttal. later, each candidate gets one minute for a closing statement. a coin toss has determined the speaker order. we have received more than 200. every question is based on an idea from the public. elizabeth warren won the first coin toss. just last week, we saw the national unemployment numbers fall below 8%. millions of americans are still looking for jobs. things are especially difficult for minority cities. what will it take and what will you do if elected to support job growth? >> thank you very much. thank you for everyone for being so hospitable. we have near
into nebraska when it went down. one was a doctor in springfield, missouri and the other was his father who was a well-known businessman from omaha. >>> the sierra has been graced with snow, not so much good news for drivers in placer county. the snow dropped more than two feet causing spin outs and backups. chains are required in certain areas. north side are set to open friday and jaw clerk is set to accept next thursday. >>> the san francisco chronicle reports crews have almost finished shifting 2 5,000 tons of concrete from its temporary report structure. crews were worried they could put back construction and it is scheduled to go by the end of next year. all level smith will be evaluated after leaving the game with a concussion. in the meantime, they led the team to a tie against the others with the st. louis rams. 49ers kicker david acres made a field goal to send it into overtime and he missed it after the game. they also missed a field goal winning try and the field time would end, nfl's first tie in four years. >>> the raiders tied a team record yesterday for the most point allowe
. back over to virginia. northbound 95 here in springfield looks great. no delays yet coming up from dale city as you head to springfield and again on to 395. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:09 back to you guys. >>> the flood walls and the bags are up a-- sandbags are up along the potomac river before high tide hits georgetown and alexandria later this morning. >> and power companies are restoring the final clusters of electricity. they are reporting -- crews are working right now in arlington in the 3800 block of wilson boulevard which is in the boston area. virginia dominion spokesman tells us power could be restored within the hour in fact by there. bge is reporting more than 6,000 outages and pepco within the last hour has 13 customers without power. kristin fisher is here now with more on the intense recovery effort underway now in northeast, good morning. >> reporter: up and down the coast millions of people remain in the dark. the damage in the billions of dollars. and the death toll at least 63 people. but that number is likely only going to continue to climb as new
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